Marketing Your Mobile Apps

Marketing your app is very important. Case in point, say you have an iPhone App and it is ready for downloading at the app store. Let us imagine that it is a wonderful app, very unique and mind-blowing, and yet it is not quite as popular as you thought It would be. More or less it is not getting as many downloads that you thought it deserves. Ever wonder why?The answer is quite simple, your target users don’t know the existence of your application and thus you are required to do something about it.

There are 300,000 or more apps available via the app store. You app is completely invisible. Without strategic marketing, your apps will go unnoticed in app stores and on the web. Failure to market you app can lead to a poor number of download activity, thus decrease your potential to earn good money.

Obviously you don’t want your apps to go down the drain. So how are you going to bring your app to the top and drive it directly to your target users? The answer is again, very simple: Marketing.

Marketing your apps especially when you are just a small iPhone application developer is quite crucial to your success and the overall success of your business. Add to the fact that Google, Apple and Facebook have soft markets for their individual platforms and more companies are looking forward to start their own stores. Marketing is the key to making your app the most popular app in town. Even if you have the most awesome app in the world, if you fail to market it then chances are, your efforts might go to waste.

What strategies can you implement to be competitive, marketing-wise? By marketing it in such a way that your product will rise above the 300,000 other applications at the app store. By analyzing your app’s selling points, you can get its unique elements and pitch them in the most endearing way to your target users or specific demographic by using innovative and broader marketing strategies to promote it.

Also by making sure that you have a compelling app icon, can add to make your app stand out from competitor’s. Another strategy can be the screen shots in iTunes. By using only the best screen shots that best describes your application or the optimum screen shots that displays it in action, you can effectively catch the attention of app users and make them pay attention.

App development can be a good venture as long as you allocate proper funding to market it. Through proper marketing strategies the number of downloads of you app can increase significantly and so does your profits.

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Seven Upcoming 10 Android Tablet Alternatives To The Apple iPad

With the introduction of Apple iPad in the gadget category, there have been a lot of other products emerging as well. The 10″ inch android tablet category has blossomed and following are reviews of few of the best cheap tablet android purchase options available for the consumers:

HP Slate

Microsoft in collaboration with Hewlett Packard has launched a 10″ android tablet that aims to give a tough time to its competitors. The distinction it has over other brands is that it will run Windows 7 which itself has taken the market by a storm. The easy usability of Windows 7 will definitely make HP Slate 10″ android tablet very popular. It also has a very sleek and sexy design to suit the needs of all fashion goers.

Dell Streak

The Deal Streak is another one in the line of 10″ android tablets that are going to go one step ahead of the others. It has inculcated mobile technology in the tablet which makes it way more useful than the other mentioned. It has variations in size and can be as small as only five inches. Streak is more in line with the current crop of latest mobile internet devices like the internet tablet series Archos has launched. This surely will be a step in a new direction for Dell if they could offer best cheap tablet android deal to its consumers.

Asus Eee Tablet

Being the pioneers in the notebook category, how could Asus stay behind? Their new 10″ android tablet was launched last month has a special four button function on the main screen making it extremely easy to use. The strong name of Asus might be very helpful in achieving sales for 10″ android tablet.

Compal Tablet

Another sensation in the 10″ android tablet category is the Compal Tablet. It uses a high powered next-generation Tegra 2 processor NVIDIA which takes you into a completely new dimension of tablet usage. It has also integrated a device that can support 1080 video play back. Compal tablet boats long battery life and on-battery usage. Watch out for best cheap tablet android offers in the near future!

Notion Ink Adam

Notion Ink tablet is known for its screen technology Pixel Qi that integrates the use of a full color multi-touch screen which makes it a pleasure to use. The screen has low-power reflectors which make it readable even in sunlight!


This 10″ android tablet is powered by the Tegra 2 processor and is a screen that offers maximum responsiveness. Users who find touch screens annoying; the MSI is surely the tablet for them.


The Quanta 10″ android tablet has integrated Wi-Fi and 3G-enabled that support all internet hot spot environments. Whether you are in a waiting lounge of a corporate office or a plane, this amazing technology supports internet usage of all sorts.

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The Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani Is A Luxury Smartphone

Fashion giants Giorgio Armani have given one of Samsung’s most successful smartphones a style makeover producing the Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani. This great looking handset is the ultimate luxury Smartphone, with both head turning aesthetics as well as an impressive spec list.

The handset measures 122.5x 64.2x 9.9 mm so it is compact and slimline and also lightweight at just 122 g. The a 4 inch super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen is on hand to display up to 16 million individual colours within its pixel layout of 480x 800. The screen comes with multi-touch input support, proximity and accelerometer sensors and a touch-sensitive shortcut panel. Swype text input is also included and the screen is manufactured from gorilla glass which protects it from everyday wear and tear.

A more than generous 16 GB of internal storage is provided as standard within the Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani, meaning users can easily use the phone as a portable music player with the capacity to store thousands of music tracks. Additionally, video files and extra downloaded apps from the Android Market can be stored within the phone thanks to its rich multimedia compatibility. Should users wish to expand the available on board storage capacity, the microSD slot can be utilised by installing a memory card of up to 32 GB.

GPRS and EDGE are on hand to provide the handset with its initial means of Internet connectivity as well as cellular networks. In areas where 3G coverage is available, an HSDPA connection provides super fast download speeds and therefore web pages are loaded in a flash. The optimum Internet connection is achieved however, thanks to full Wi-Fi connectivity which allows users to take advantage of local wireless networks whenever they have the relevant access details. Additional connectivity features include micro USB, Bluetooth, GPS and DLNA, the latter of which allows users to wirelessly stream media from the phone to compatible televisions.

The Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani is also a highly competent cameraphone boasting a 5 mega pixel offering which comes with Autofocus, touch focus, face & smile detection and geo-tagging as standard. As an added bonus, users can also utilise the camera’s power to shoot high definition video footage in 720p quality.

Android v2.2 (Froyo) is the operating system of choice and works in harmony with a powerful 1 GHz processor to provide a rich and engaging user experience with a lightning fast interface and the power to run even the most demanding applications with ease. Additional apps can be downloaded from the Android Market, meaning the sky’s the limit in terms of customisation and expansion. A long list of standard applications are included right out of the box ranging from social networking integration and multimedia features as well as productivity tools for the office and a number of innovative web browsing apps.

Thanks to the branding and design overhaul, the Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani provides a fantastic alternative for those who are looking for something a bit more special than the common smartphone brands.

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Music Software Reviews – 3 Key Features to Look For in a Review

In this article I would like to discuss the importance of music software reviews. Just before I do so I must first define what music software is.

Music software is a very general term and therefore we must fine tune what we are looking for in order to decide which tool best fits our needs. Just because a certain tool is ranked best for one category of music doesn’t mean it will fulfill your specific needs.

Ask yourself the following question to better determine which category you fall into. Are you a mere amateur looking to take some existing songs and just make them sound different? Are you looking to record sounds and have the ability to edit them? Are you a professional music composer looking for some music notation software? Are you planning on making actual music? And the list goes on.

It’s crucial that you ask yourself these questions and have the right answers too. This will save you a lot of time and frustration when you download or order that software and find out it’s not even what you are looking for. I can’t stress this point enough, because I’ve seen many people get disappointed from state of the art software just because it wasn’t what they were looking for.

Once you know which category best fits your needs you need to decide your level of using computer software. Are you and advanced user of a computer? Are you brand new to computers? Are you a fast learner when it comes to computers? Once again, there are different tools tailored to different people.

When you encounter music software reviews make sure that the following three topics are covered in those reviews properly.

User Interface
It’s extremely important for any software which interacts with a user to be “user friendly”. All the more so when it comes to music software. Make sure the review touches on the subject and gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Multiple File type Support
You want to make sure your tool can support a wide range of music files. You never which file type you are going to need and you want to be ready.

Proper Help Library
This is an obvious one for any piece of software you buy but once again is even more crucial for music software. You want to be able to have clear and to the point tutorials or help guide for the tool. Believe this will make any music creating task much smoother and easier.

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